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RELG211 - Lecture 4 - School of Vendenta - End of Vedas...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Laws of Manu - Described the creation of cosmos, caste and sacred law Twice-born males**** -First stage: youth, adolescence, young adulthood (possibly) -Student (between 8-20): Studies religion privately or in a class, has a swami -Householder: Own a house, raise a family, earn money ->Lasts until children can become householders Retirement: Another religious learning stage Post retirement stage: Sanyaasi: Focus on detaching from the world (renounce possessions, name, caste) -May become pilgrims -May join an Ashram -May live in a cave Four stages of life Four goals of life (paths of pleasure, wealth, duty, etc) Four yogas (karma, bhakti, raja, jnana)
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Unformatted text preview: School of Vendenta - End of Vedas (Upanishads) Shankura (person) - Said there's nothing BUT Brahman Monism - Sense of one-ness Avatya - *not* two-ness. Not one thing and another, ONLY one thing. Nati Nati - "Not this, not that" Twice Born Males-Student: 0-24, will live with a Guru, acquiring knowledge, practicing self-discipline, and celibacy-Household life: 25-49: Selflessly carrying out household duties to family and society-Retirement: 50-74: gradual withdrawal from the world, freely sharing wisdom, prepares for renunciation stage-Renounced Life: 75-100: Complete withdrawal, dedicated to sprituality and moksha...
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