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Lecture 10 questions

An Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms (Computational Molecular Biology)

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CSE182 Lecture 10 questions Vineet Bafna October 31, 2006 The questions are open ended, but should help you understand lectures better. Do these questions make sense? Are they helpful in following the lecture? Constructive feedback is appreciated. Lander Waterman statistics 1. What are the various parameters for computing LW statistics? Answer: G Length of genome L length of fragment (clone) N Number of clones c coverage c = LN G α α = N G T Overlap threshold θ θ = T L σ σ = 1 - θ 2. What is the probability that an island begins at some arbitrary position i ? A: As there are N clones falling on G positions, it is α = N G . 3. What is the expected number of islands? A: Recall that an island is a collection of overlapping fragments, such that each adjacent pair overlaps by at least T . Let X i be the indicator variable signaling the end of an island. X i = 1 if an island ends at position i , and X i = 0 otherwise. The number of islands is given by I = i X i . By linearity of expectation,
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Lecture 10 questions - CSE182 Lecture 10 questions Vineet...

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