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Sheet1 Page 1 Chapter 4: types of Chemical reactions Solvent: Dissolving medium, e.g. water, Availability of water in the earth, animals and humans Aqueous solutions involve water Water is a polar substance Nature of Aqueous solutions Solution = Solute + Solvent -Solutions can be classified according to their electrical conductivity Strong, Weak, and non-electrolytes Arrhenius studied electrical conductivity of solutions -Electrolyte: A solution that conducts electricity. Ions present -Strong Electrolyte: Aqueous solution that is completely ionized and conducts electricity very well. Only ions are present in sol
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Unformatted text preview: u-Weak Electrolyte: Aqueous solution that is partly ionized and conducts electricity to a small extent. Few ions present->e.g. Acetic Acid (HC2H302(aq))-Non Electrolyte: Aqueous solution or any substance that is not ionized and does not conduct electricity. No ions present.->e.g. Sucrose solution Strong Acid: e.g. HCl(aq) Strong Base: e.g. NaOH (Aq) Sodium Hydroxide...
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