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Chem Lecture 9 - Convert 69.0 atm to mm = 69.0atm x 760mm...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Chapter 5: Gases Properties of gases: no fixed shape, exerts pressure, duffuses, eg. O2, N2 Pressure: A measure of force exerted per unit area i.e. P = F/A P = pressure, F = force, A= area Barometer (Torricelli): Equipment used to measure atmospheric pressure Units of Pressure: 1atm = 760 mm Hg = 760 Torr 1cm = 10mm SI units of pressure (Pascal) ***1Pa = 1Nm^-2, 1atm = 101,325 Pa*** (Nm = Neuton meter) Standard atmospheric pressure: Pressure at sea level = 1atm Class probs: Convert 5.381 Torr to atm = 5.381Torr x 760 Torr / 1 atm = 4089Torr
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Unformatted text preview: Convert 69.0 atm to mm = 69.0atm x 760mm Hg / 1atm = 52440mm Hg Convert 2.6 x 10^4 kPa to atm Gas laws: The behaviour of a gas in terms of pressure, temperature, volume, mols, etc Boyle's Law: (P(ressure)-V(olume) relationship) The volume of a fixed quantity of gas at a constant temperature is inversely p r o V = K x 1/P->Y = Mx + B V = Y K = X Class Problem: 2.0 mol of a gas at 22.5*C occupied a colume of 200.5mL at 300.5 mm pressure. If the pressure of the gas is changed to 1.05...
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