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1 CSE190a Fall 06 Face Recognition: Dimensionality Reduction Biometrics CSE 190-a Lecture 12 CSE190a Fall 06 Face © Jain, 2004 Face Recognition Face Recognition Face is the most common biometric used by humans Applications range from static, mug-shot verification to a dynamic, uncontrolled face identification in a cluttered background • Challenges: • automatically locate the face • recognize the face from a general view point under different illumination conditions, facial expressions, and aging effects © Jain, 2004 Authentication vs Identification Authentication vs Identification Face Authentication/Verification (1:1 matching) Face Identification/recognition (1:N matching) © Jain, 2004 www.viisage.com z Access Control Applications Applications www.visionics.com © Jain, 2004 z Video Surveillance (On-line or off-line) Applications Applications Face Scan at Airports www.facesnap.de
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2 Why is Face Recognition Hard? Many faces of Madonna Who are these people? [Sinha and Poggio 1996] Why is Face Recognition Hard? © Jain, 2004 Face Recognition Difficulties Face Recognition Difficulties Identify similar faces (inter-class similarity) Accommodate intra-class variability due to: • head pose • illumination conditions • expressions • facial accessories • aging effects Cartoon faces © Jain, 2004 Inter-class Similarity Inter-class Similarity Different persons may have very similar appearance Twins Father and son www.marykateandashley.com news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/in_depth/americas /2000/us_elections © Jain, 2004 Intra-class Variability Intra-class Variability • Faces with intra-subject variations in pose, illumination, expression, accessories, color, occlusions, and brightness
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