Oberver, Critic

Oberver, Critic - Scott Smith ENG 209 Philp Poe Observer...

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11/11/02 ENG 209, Philp Poe: Observer and Critic Edgar Allen Poe explores the human quality of perversity in his literary works of The Fall of the House of Usher , The Masque of the Red Death , The Purloined Letter , and The Imp of the Perverse . He defines perversity as a disposition in which “…we act for the reason we should not” (1589). Each tale probes a different aspect of perversity. With the summation of all aspects, we mentally derive a personality that resides within each of us, that inner voice that does the undesirable just because it is possible to do so. Edgar Allen Poe illustrates the personality of the evil in within every person through the use of horror and temptation. Poe uses our own fascination with death to draw a picture of our deepest thoughts. Everyone has horrid, disgusting ideas, but these are usually ideas only . A rare person will go so far as to act out these ideas. In Poe’s work, The Fall of the House of Usher , he uses a damp, dreary, and creepy house to set the story. The owner of the house, Roderick Usher, was the narrator’s friend a long time ago, but communication has left them strangers again. Usher’s sister, Madeline, is very sick, and soon after the narrator arrives, dies. Usher proceeds with his internment plans for Madeline. She is to be temporarily entombed in the basement of the house in a room that used to be a dungeon of some sort. Little did either man know, she is still alive! Several days later, the two men hear a noise coming from the house. The sound is similar to the grating of the heavy iron door of the makeshift tomb. At the sound, Usher’s appearance changes
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Oberver, Critic - Scott Smith ENG 209 Philp Poe Observer...

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