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Lesson%2021%20Review - 4 While I was in Japan I wish I...

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Lesson 21 Review I. Rewrite the sentences, using passive forms. 1. + 2. + + e + + 3. + r + + 4. + r + + 5. + + II. Translate the following sentences into Japanese, using r . 1. The Cake has been baked. I hope it is delicious. 2. Have you contacted your friend yet? 3. Have you bought the movie ticket yet? No, not yet. 4. The beer has been put in the refrigerator. III. Translate the following sentences into Japanese. 1. While I am not home, do not steal my baby. 2 While my baby is sleeping, I am going to bake a cake. 3. While you are attending a meeting. I will contact your younger sister.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. While I was in Japan, I wish I should have studied more. IV. What would you want to do if you were following people? Create sentences, using adjective + r + 1. The president of the college 2. the mayor of the city 3. the president of the United States 4. teacher V. Tell what you want your friend to do / not to do using ~ . . Example: your friend likes cooking 1 N + + 1. your friend is very smart. 2. your friend is always late. 3. your friend is fun to be with. 4. your friend has many vacation houses....
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