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2 - h D 22-1 A dictionary form 1 h h D x u-verb h ru-verbD...

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Unformatted text preview: - - - - - h D 22-1. - - - - - - - A dictionary form 1. h h D x u-verb h ru-verbD x h D x h D D D h h h ru-verbh h h D x D D x D x D x D D x h D D D x to pick up (something) to lose (a match) to go to pick up (someone) to cry to translate to wash to continue to tell a lie to bring someone to learn to give a hand; to help h D x D x 3. 5. 7. h 9. 11. h 13. 15. h 17. h 19. h 21. 23. causative meaning to make a photocopy 22-1. B dictionary form 2. 4. 6. x 8. x x D D x ru-verb x ru-verbru-verbx D D x x D x ru-verb x x D x D x D x x D D D to steal to quit to wake up to bake to bring (something) to explain to work to make tea u-verbru-verbx x x D D D x w causative to carry to run to raise; to bring up to make a plan meaning D x 10. 12. 14. 16. 18. x 20. x 22. 24. x x D x ...
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