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%e3%81%a8%20Conditional - Conditional C a subordinate...

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Unformatted text preview: Conditional C: a subordinate conjunction which marks a condition that brings about an noncontrollable event or state Clause 1 (short form, present) , Clause 2 Logical cause-effect relationship Action or event and its inevitable (or natural or habitual) consequence. The main clause (Clause 2) expresses something that happens, not something the speaker or the hearer intentionally does. Therefore it cannot be used with such endings as "mashoo", "~te kudasai", "tai desu", "~tewa ikemasen". (No command, suggestion, request, invitation, prohibition, expression of will) If you want an adjective idea in the second clause, it is usually expressed as a change. ...... adjective base x N ...... N adjective base x N x N x N x N 1. 2. 3. x N 4. ~ c >f I 5. x N c fI 6. x N 7. c fI 8. c fI 9. 10. x N x x N Xa c fI 7w @ x N > - @v @ @ k mE T ...
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