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Unformatted text preview: Humble Expressions or ,E s express the lower status of the speaker or his or her in-group member and express respect toward a superior or out-group person. The verbs are almost always used in long forms, because the purpose of using them is to be polite to the listener. These expressions are used to talk modestly about your own family or about your company. These expressions are used especially for business occasions, job interviews, public speeches, public announcements etc. hh " * 1. : v + 2. H | H * 53v+ ^ v+ 3. : v + 4. Talk modest of our own action X u : v+ h " * u. H. H.h H.h H.h H. HHh H.h H.h H .h H .h H . H .h E " * " * " * E " * " * " * " * " * " * ...
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