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hazudesu - G5 X sentence is a statement about what you...

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Unformatted text preview: G5 X sentence is a statement about what you believe is true or likely, though you lack conclusive evidence. S5 expresses the speaker's expectation, not in the sense of hoping or looking forward to something, but in the sense that the proposition expressed by S should be true or come true. 5 is a dependent noun and cannot be used alone. It is always modified by a sentence or a demonstrative such as X `that' and 5 " like this'. Negative expectation can be expressed in two ways: A) S (negative) 5 z j Yy zj Rw 5 I don't expect that Sue is going to the party. 5 B) S (stronger) zj Y yz j R w It is improbable that Sue will go to the party X cannot be used in a situation in which you are "supposed" to do something because of duty, responsibility, or law. X Yamada is supposed to memorize 5 new kanji every day. zj E g z @ 5 (past tense) describes something that was supposed to have been the case, but which actually turned out otherwise. w @ , [email protected] g { @B [email protected] 5 zj wR zj Y y zj wR zj Y y zj wR zj Y y zjE g z Ywzj h y ~ @ X ...
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