POL 368 - Rey Koslowski Associate Professor Political...

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Political Science 368 Associate Professor TTH 10:15-11:35 AM Political Science HUM 24 University at Albany Office Hours: 201 Milne Hall T 11:35–1:30 in HUM 16 T: 518-442-5314 (and by appt.) [email protected] Information Technology and World Politics Preliminary Syllabus This upper-level undergraduate course provides a broad overview of the information revolution and its impact on global politics. We will examine previous episodes of transformative changes in communications to place contemporary changes in a broader historical context, examine the development of new information technologies and consider theoretical explorations of the relationship between information technologies and world politics. The bulk of the course, however, will examine the practical impact of the information revolution on state sovereignty, democratization, international political economy, national security, diplomacy, and international organization with a particular emphasis on the information technologies used to run government agencies and other public sector organizations. Prerequisites: There are no course prerequisites for this class, however, POS 102 Introduction to Comparative and International Politics is recommended. Students who have not studied international relations may consult with the instructor for some additional background for some additional background readings. There are no technical prerequisites other than a willingness to learn new skills and devote the necessary time and energy to do so. Students are expected to have internet access through UAlbany or an alternative internet service provider. Students will need to learn Microsoft basic features of web authoring tools if they have not already done so. The primary object of the course, however, is not technical training. Rather, it is to help students to become better end users of information technology and to understand its wider economic and political consequences. Texts (available at the UAlbany Bookstore): Andrew Chadwick, Internet Politics: States, Citizens, and New Communication Technologies (Oxford University Press, New York and Oxford, 2006). Thomas Freidman, The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007). Gregory G. Curtin, Michael H. Sommer and Veronica Vis-Sommer, eds. The World of E-Government (Hawthorn Press, 2003). Course Requirements and Grading: Mid-term Exam about 30% Presidential candidate website evaluation about 10% e-government website evaluation about 10% Final Exam about 40% Class participation (including quizzes) about 10% Late assignments will be penalized. Students must properly reference
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POL 368 - Rey Koslowski Associate Professor Political...

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