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David Dreisin Oceanography Chris Schneider February 9, 2008 Overfishing Discussion Upon participating in our recent discussion in class regarding the ever-growing problem of overfishing, my former opinions on the subject were simply further rein- forced. It’s evident that the problem of overfishing is quite real, and unlike other envir- onmental issues such as global climate change, is unquestionably a result of our own doing. Despite the inevitable collapse of these ecosystems, as well as a significant por- tion of our economy that comes from the seafood market that would inevitably suffer, all of the proposed solutions seem unrealistic. A primary reason for this, as we discussed, is that the most obvious fix of both shutting down overfished areas and implementing bans on the most endangered of fish, such as tuna, would devastate the livelihoods of the mainly lower-class commercial fishermen that depend on these dwindling resources for income. It is this that makes it such a complicated issue, because it’s not as if our
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