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summary 2 - Russian Fairytale Summary Salt The story begins...

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Russian Fairytale Summary Salt The story begins with a father who has three sons. Of his three sons, he sends two to sell merchandise over the sea and the third, as in Russian wonder tales, is seen as a fool and not allowed the same privileges. His name is Ivan. Finally he convinces his father and his father gives him boards and planks to sell. The boat and its contents are blown to a shore where the youngest son finds a mountain of salt. He fills his ship with it and heads to a grand city. The king first discards it as white sand, but persistent, the young merchant sneaks to the kitchen to prove his discoveries value. The kind adores the flavor and unknowingly the salt. Ivan steps foreword as the culprit and the king congratulates him and buys it all. A ship full of silver and gold, Ivan prepares to leave when the princess of the land comes to see the ship and Ivan pulls the boat away. His brothers hear of his good fortune and find him, throw him overboard and steal his princess. Ivan then meets a giant whom takes him to the wedding of his brother and his bride at the price of secrecy and the wedding is stopped. Ivan is given the princesses hand drinks to the point of confusion. He tells people of the giants ride and the giant becomes infuriated, Ivan explains to him why, his drunkenness, and also gets the giant drunk. The giant claims to understand and forgives Ivan. I find this story well written but looking back on it somewhat light. It is not as full of the metaphors and stylistic elements that are given to other tales. The Three Kingdoms A king and queen have three sons. Each would like to be married and so they are sent off one at a time to search for a wife. The first and second times a dragon appears and tells them to look under a rock, where they find nothing and return home, defeated. The third, however, the youngest, Ivan, also goes out
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summary 2 - Russian Fairytale Summary Salt The story begins...

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