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Russian Fairytale Summary The Little Scarlet Flower A merchant wants to give three sisters gifts, one daughter wishes to receive a crown, one daughter wishes to receive a crystal mirror and the youngest daughter simply wants a small scarlet flower. The merchant finds all of these, including the flower. It is found in a deep dark jungle and guarded by a beast. The beast says one daughter must return to him as payment for the flower and the youngest does. She lives there and is given gifts by the beast but has never seen him. She asks him to come out and when he does she becomes terrified. Later the girl has a dream of her father becoming very sick
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Unformatted text preview: and asks to return home. She is given three days however her sisters, angry at her new wealth, set back the clocks and she returns to the beast late. She returns to find him dead, is incredibly upset and proclaims her love for him. A spell is broken and the beast turns into a gorgeous prince. They live happily ever after. It was easy to see where this story was going from the paralleling American cooperate version. I liked the beasts character better in this story than in other versions I have heard and was also able to relate it to the discussion of Freudian theory in class....
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