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Russian Fairytale Summary The Tale of the Golden Cockerel There was a tsar who was a brave warrior and he had a large bird. The bird would warn him of death and anger and did so several times. The tsar met a princess who he fell in love with, battled for and won, but then he died. I hope that I understood this correctly, parts of it were hard to dissect but I enjoyed reading it aloud and listening to the sound of the word combinations. 11/15/06 The Tale of Tsar Saltan, of His Son, Renowned and Mighty Prince Guidon Saltanovich and of the Fairest Princess Swan There are three sisters and the tsar chooses the youngest to marry. The older two
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Unformatted text preview: become jealous and when the youngest has a child they send her off into the sea in a barrel. They land upon an island where the son finds and helps a swan. The swan is thankful and gives the prince a kingdom. When he becomes homesick the swan turns him into a mosquito, where he returns to his fathers kingdom and stings his aunt in the eye. This happens again with his aunt and then his grandmother. He wishes for a wife, the swan turns into a princess and the tsar comes to find his son and new daughter in law. This became quite mangled of a story to me but I enjoyed that language, as usual, in Pushkin piece, especially aloud....
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