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Structures 1-Bedding-layers-strata -direction of flow 1)cross bedding (asymetric) 2) ripple marks -orbital forcing (milakovich)- eccentricity (tilt degree) -- predictive manners: they cause sea level change -layers of sediemnts as a function of time -semi-submersible to locate rocks in ocean -deltas (fossil fuels) -where are hydrocarbons found in the world? Quiz 3 1. Earthquakes 2. Structure of Earth 3. Geophysical Exploration 4. Geochemical Exploration 5. Radioactivity and Radion 6. Plate Tectonics -types of collisions related to nature of plates -oceanic plate (gabro) collides with oceanic plate-basalt -oceanic plate collides w/ continental (andesite, dorite) -continental plate collides with continental (rhyolite, granite) *Igneous rocks that form in these three environments are: OC/OC=basalt OC/CONT=andesite CONT/CONT=rhyolite -geological phenomenon (CO2) plumes (mantle plum) Overview: -the characteristics of radioactive wastes and time scales of concern for their disposal -understanding earth science aspects -effects of heat from high level waste
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  • Spring '08
  • AKSinha
  • radioactive waste, high level waste, sea level change, -oceanic plate collides, -continental plate collides, waste HWR=heavy waste

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geology notes - Structures...

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