Wump World - Abdul Tubman 1/11/05 Mr. Ferder Biology AP 7+8...

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Abdul Tubman 1/11/05 Mr. Ferder Biology AP 7+8 Wump World The children’s story, “The Wump World,” by Bill Peet is a great children’s story. Like most children’s stories there is a deeper, hidden message woven throughout the childish phrases of the narrative. That encrypted message is what makes this story a learning tool to teach ecology and animal behavior. Summary The Wumps are peaceful creatures that lived by themselves on a small world named Wump World. They did not have anything to worry about because there was plenty of food and space for them to live in harmony. One day the Wumps heard a humming sound coming from the sky that was getting louder. When the Wumps looked up at the sky, they saw what looked like huge monsters, coming straight towards the ground. As the monsters landed, huge doors opened up and many tiny beings, the Pollutians came out. The Pollutians are originally from the planet Pollutus, which they had exhausted all of its resources and which made the planet inhabitable. They sprang into action at once by unloading machinery to start building their new civilization. The Wumps were terrified by the sight of the machines, and ran away into the trees to hide in the caverns of a cave. The Pollutians’ machines worked the land by cutting down trees and grinding them up into bits. Soon buildings were put and cities erupted from the ground. Highways and freeways were built along with cars; buses and other vehicles. During all of this construction, the Wumps were in the caverns frightened and wondering what was happening to their world.
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More buildings, factories and cars were built and put into use, which meant that, there was more pollution and trash. Eventually, there was so much smoke that the Pollutians could hardly breathe. They became furious and assembled outside of the World Chief’s office and complained about the air and the pollution. The World Chief assembled his top space-men and instructed them to find a new planet to inhabit. The three men took off in different directions to complete their mission. Soon after, one of the space-men came back and told the World Chief that he found a new planet. The World
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Wump World - Abdul Tubman 1/11/05 Mr. Ferder Biology AP 7+8...

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