final exam

final exam - network card Output/output device user...

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ch5 Chapter 6 ch 7 ch 8 Audio input device Storage time anti spam bluetooth Audio output device Backup anti virus broadband Bar code Capacity booting bus Biometrics Cdr buffer network Display device Cd rom cold boot coaxil cable Inkjet printer Cd rw driver climate server network Input/ input device Dvd rw folder communications channel Laser printer Hard disk GUI ethernet Micr Magnetic disk memory management fiber optic cable Moniter Pc card OS gps Mouse Secondary storage screen saver local area network OCR Smart card storage deivce spyware metropolitan network OMR USB flash drive system software
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Unformatted text preview: network card Output/output device user interface topology Pixel utility program peer to peer network Printer vr memory ring network Resolution virus router Rfid warm boot server Smart card star network tcp/ip twisted pair cable wide area network ch 9 ch 10 data virus data type worm data model trojan horse database spoofing field spam field name intellectual property rights field size phishing GIGO social engineering info cookie primary key encryption QBE firewall record relationship row sql table...
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final exam - network card Output/output device user...

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