Silver Age of Comics

Silver Age of Comics - Marvel Age of Comics The Rise of...

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Marvel Age of Comics: The Rise of Marvel due to Stan Lee 1. From the early 1960’s to the late 70’s comic books underwent a renaissance and with it came the birth of Marvel Comics and what is known as the Marvel Age. o The year is 1941; with the Second World War well under weigh and with the rising patriotism of Americans against the Axis Powers, one soldier by the name of Steve Rogers, willingly volunteered for a special top secret program. o After the war he disappeared, but as the years went on, more men and women evolved and became superhuman. o 20 years passed on and new group of men and women answered the call of injustice, Sue and Johnny Storm, Reed Richards, Ben Grim, Peter parker, Tony Starks, Barry Allen, and James Howlett are but a few of people who became much more. 2. o With the leadership of Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby two major artist and co writers, were able to use this time period to create over 90 percent of the Marvel heroes you know today. The difference in Marvel that separated their comics from the rest would be
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Silver Age of Comics - Marvel Age of Comics The Rise of...

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