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AEM_240_final_exam_form_A_F_04 - AEM 240 Marketing Fall...

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AEM 240 Fall 2004 Marketing Prof. McLaughlin 1.When should a marketer make a careful study of product failures? a. when preparing to launch a new product b. after a new product has failed to meet sales predictions c. when repositioning a well-known brand d. when looking for a new market for an existing product e. in any or all of the above conditions 2. In the movie, The Tin Men , two rival salesmen engaged in a variety of dishonest and unethical practices in order to sell aluminum siding to homeowners. Their job was difficult, in part, because the supply of aluminum siding surpassed the demand for the product and competition was intense. This situation is indicative of the _____ era of U.S. business history. a. production. b. sales c. marketing concept d. market orientation e. societal marketing 3. The consumer purchase decision process normally is associated with a series of stages through which the consumer passes. Which of the following is NOT one of them? a. Information search b. Purchase decision c. Problem recognition d. Alternative evaluation e. Problem solving 4.Jean-Rene Fourtou is CEO of Rhone-Poulenc, a company that had $17-billion in sales for its chemicals and pharmaceuticals in the mid-1990s. Two Nobel Prize-winners work for Rhone- Poulenc. When Fourtou was asked where top scientists get their best ideas, he responded that those ideas come from people outside their own discipline. He then said, “Shock comes when different things meet. It's the interface that's interesting.” Fourtou would be a supporter of: a. individualism in the workplace. b. strategic planning being performed solely by those at the corporate level. c. multiple strategic directions. d. an ambiguous mission statement. e. cross-functional teams 1
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AEM 240 Fall 2004 Marketing Prof. McLaughlin 5.A marketing strategy is the means by which a marketing goal is to be achieved. Two factors that usually characterize a marketing strategy are: a. specific goals and organizational objectives. b. a detailed marketing plan and marketing budget. c. marketing strategies and marketing tactics. d. a specified target market and a marketing program to reach it. e. marketing programs and deviation control. 6.Concern for health and fitness is one reason 51 million people in the United States report that they are trying to control their weight. This concern represents: a. changing values. b. change in population composition. c. demographic change. d. increase in value consciousness. e. changing ethnic composition. 7.If a paint manufacturer will sell it’s paint to a retail outlet only if the retailer also buys the manufacturer's line of brushes and accessories, then it would be an example of: a. an exclusive dealing.
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AEM_240_final_exam_form_A_F_04 - AEM 240 Marketing Fall...

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