4-22-08 Gender communication theories

4-22-08 Gender communication theories - 4/22/08...

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4/22/08 Communication Class notes Gender communication theories You have been a Standpoint Harding, Wood Julia Wood is one of the most well versed people on gender communication Does things that are more academic communication Works at UNC Chapel Hill Each of us comes to the world with our own viewpoint/ paradigm of thinking Coming at something from your own history/perspective and applying that to everything / all experiences in life Even if you grow up in the same household as someone, you will still come at things from a slightly different standpoint We are all on a quest in life to find others who understand our standpoint What can happen when people refuse to acknowledge that their standpoint is not the only standpoint Talk a lot about how to create bridges between individuals with different standpoings Do very well with folks who have a similar standpoint to us Wake forest recruits people based on certain screens so that people generally have similar standpoings The way that we have evolved as a society is now at the big picture Necessity for us to survive communicatively to develop a set of personal rules… keep going back to your own history The worst thing to do is ignore people communicatively Have to develop a set of guidelines, but can only do so by applying our own personal experiecen When you are in a new situation, have to develop a whole set of rules… previous experience determine how well you will adjust Based on situational analysis People don't have just one standpoint, have many for many different situations Not that you have many different personality, but that you have different aspects of your life and personality and you have to choose what you’re going to reveal and what side of your personality you’re going to show
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4-22-08 Gender communication theories - 4/22/08...

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