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Adnan Ahmad Shafique Biological Evolution Prof. Muehlbauer January 07, 2007 The continuous change on the earth requires the inhabitants, in order to survive, to go through some changes too. These changes no matter how small can be the decisive factor between life and death of any living organism. No two individuals of the same species are alike, no matter how much they seem to be alike there is always some difference and this slight difference can lead to a small trait that can give a certain individual some advantage to cope with the ever changing face of the planet. The concept of evolution is all about this change and how it helps the species to survive on the planet. Plants and animals both are involved in a continuous struggle to survive and the ones evolving with the environment are the successful ones. One of the key factors that help in evolving is natural selection. The offspring produced by the living organisms are often more suitable for survival because some of the change, which is important for survival, has been inherited by the offspring. The
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