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NPB101L Exercise 7: Role of the Kidney in Fluid Balance Pre-experiment handout Objectives: 1. To investigate renal function in response to four challenges. 2. To estimate glomerular filtration rate. Buzzwords: Nephron (how kidney handles salt load, pH load, and water load), glomerular filtration rate, creatinine clearance, . (You get the idea… this experiment is about the renal system and how it responds to challenges, thus pick your reading accordingly.) Alert: Before coming to lab , be sure to do and not do the following: DO NOT perform strenuous exercise DO NOT drink caffeinated beverages and alcohol 24-48 hours prior DO drink normal amount of water on the day of experiment, 6 glasses of water maybe? DO record what and when you drink 24 hours prior in the lab manual on P.74. DO empty your bladder 1-2 hours before you come and note the exact time . That said, ladies, if you are having your period, please feel free not to participate in the experiment. Solutions
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