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NPB101L Exercise 6: Respiration: Mechanics and Control of Lung Ventilation Pre-experiment handout Objectives: 1. To measure lung volumes. 2. To examine the effects of gas composition upon ventilation. 3. To examine the effects of lung volume upon ventilation. 4. To examine the effects of an exercise upon ventilation. The above three objectives will be investigated through four experiments : Lung volume measurement using an electronic flow meter Breath-hold after a) normal breathing, b) breathing from a bag, c) hyperventilation Breath-hold after a) normal expiration, b) forced expiration, c) normal inspiration, d) maximal inspiration Exercise bike (yes again) Buzzwords: Tidal volume, inspiratory reserve volume, expiratory reserve volume, residual volume. Alveolar ventilation, ventilatory dead space, chemoreceptors, pulmonary stretch receptors. (You get the idea… this experiment is about the pulmonary system and how it works, thus pick your reading accordingly.) Alert:
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