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Unformatted text preview: NPB101L Exercise 5: Electrical and Mechanical Properties of the Frog Heart Pre-experiment handout Alert : This is the most technically challenging and yet the most rewarding experiment in this course. Make sure you come VERY prepared. Objectives: 1. To dissect and set up the bullfrog without killing it. 2. To examine the following in the heart: Electrical activity Mechanical activity Responses to agonists associated with sympathetic and parasympathetic input The above two objectives will be investigated through five experiments : Dissection (well…. Cut the frog open and expose the heart and vagus nerve) Recording the electrical activities and mechanical activities via force transducer and electric clip Extrasystolic contractions (making the heart skipping a beat) Parasympathetic stimulation via stimulating the vagus nerve Sympathetic stimulation via injecting epinephrine Buzzwords: (This is the flip side of the human cardiovascular experiment and focuses on the cellular and organ level of the heart)...
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