Assignment 2 case Incident Discussion

Assignment 2 case Incident Discussion - Natalie Rastello...

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Natalie Rastello 14721 Discussion Assignment 2 Case Incident 2: The Business of Blogs time The use of blogs has become an effective means of communication and has become important in business. The communication process is the steps between a source and a receiver that result in the transference and understanding of meaning and provide information individuals need to know. The key parts of this model are (1) the sender, (2) encoding, (3) the message, (4) the channel,(5)decoding, (7) noise, and (8) feedback. All steps of the communication process describe the train of blogs. Blogs portray an informal channel in which they provide communication channels that are created spontaneously and that emerge as a response to individual choices. The sender of the blog is an individual that posts a blog. Blogs “range from daily business happenings and news to a recap of the homerun that someone’s niece hit during a softball game.” They can be posted by anyone and can include pictures, videos, etc. Blog senders convert their thoughts into a blog to encode their thoughts to a way in which blog reader, businesses, among others can review them. The blogs are channeled in way in which the blogs create noise to connect the sender with the receiver to create noise and later feedback.
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Assignment 2 case Incident Discussion - Natalie Rastello...

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