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Discussion Assignment 3 - Natalie Rastello 14721 BUAD-304...

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Natalie Rastello 14721 BUAD-304 Discussion Assignment 3 Critical Question: #3 A dysfunctional group is described as conflict that hinders group performance. I am on the sailing team at USC. Last year about half the team graduated losing many of the top sailors. The team this year is young with nominal depth. The team members believe there is not adequate coaching. This situation generates process conflict because it obstruct the team’s progress in getting better. There is also very intense practice schedule—21 hours of practice a week and regattas almost every weekend which has created a dysfunctional outcome in which some of the best sailors on the team are quitting. Also present is relationship conflict because many of the sailors are dissatisfied with the coaching and many of the sailors do not have enough time for their studies, both ultimately hindering the ability to grow and succeed. Generally, it is possible that people consider the USC sailing team a functional group. While the team is new and far less talented we maintain respectable finishes and much room for improvement. Also most of the team members that are currently on the team are very dedicated to the team, making every practice, and while the “coach” is more like a supervisor, the team helps each other improve possibly improving group cohesion . In addition there is a lot of support from the sailing team alumni that are very resourceful. The coach, while not respected by its teammates does work very hard and takes the position that he has a young team that needs seasoning and he is working very
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Discussion Assignment 3 - Natalie Rastello 14721 BUAD-304...

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