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Discussion Assignment 5 - Natalie Rastello 14721 Discussion...

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Natalie Rastello 14721 Discussion Assignment 5 2. A selection device is used for obtaining information about a job applicant that can help the organization to determine whether the applicant’s skills, knowledge, and abilities are appropriated for the job in question. Employers put a lot of weight on the interview, part of the selection device. The selection Interviews are proven to be effective for assessing an applicant’s applied mental skills, level of conscientiousness and interpretational skills. When these qualities are related to job performance, the validity of the interview as a selection device increases and biases decrease. So, in addition to specific, job-relevant skills, organizations are looking at candidates’ personality characteristics, personal values, and the like to find individuals who fit with the organization’s culture and image. The employer has already determined the applicant’s abilities and scores on paper, and the interview allows the other features to be determined to ensure that the applicant is fit for the job. In addition, the interview gives the applicant a chance to demonstrate his or her personal strengths and commitment to the job. 4. GE lays off the lowest 10% of the workforce annually. This provides incentive for the current employees to not fall below that 10% cut off point. GE prides itself on continually raising the performance bar by letting go this lowest percentage of employees, hoping that this system will help to increase the organization’s competitiveness by rewarding high performance and discouraging low
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Discussion Assignment 5 - Natalie Rastello 14721 Discussion...

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