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Steven Haugen Michael Coombs BUAD 304 Section 14747 Assignment #2: Chpt 10: A Virtual Team at T.A. Stearns 1.) This group is a work team because they share a common goal in collective performance by sharing information. Teams are constantly positive while groups can be neutral, occasionally displaying a negative side. People who have two or more individuals that share a common belief are considered a group. In a work group each person makes decisions to help each member perform within his or her area of responsibility. However the group described is more of a team because their individual performances are exceeded by the overall level of performance. This group represents the team qualities over a basic group as the members of the team are able to come together and make group decisions on controversial situations. The group is constantly getting together and creating new and innovative methods. 2.) No one in the case has actually acted unethically.
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