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Nursing Care Plan Nursing DiagnosisExpected OutcomePlanning Nursing Interventions& Rationale (Cited)Evaluation of Goal Attainment Risk for Violence: other directed r/t hx of violence towards others aeb pt. verbalized hewanted to kill roommate and brother 1. Patient will displaynonviolent behavior towardothers in the hospital, with the aid of medications an and nursing interventions by end of shift. 2. Patient will demonstrate healthier ways to deal with stress (e.g. walking, sports) by end of shift. 3. Patient will respond to external controls (medications, seclusion, nursing interventions) when potential or control occurs by end of shift.Maintain a consistent approach, employ consistent expectations, and provide a structured environment. Rationale:Clear and consistent
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Unformatted text preview:with physical outlets in area of low stimulation (e.g. punching). Rationale: Can help to relieve pent up hostility and relieve muscle tension. (Varcarolis, p.198). Use short and concise explanations or statements. Rationale : Short attention span limits comprehension to small bits of information. (Varcarolis, p.198). 1. Goal met. Client maintains non-violent behavior and doesn't injure self or others by end of shift. 2. Goal met. Client was able to diffuse anger and frustration by using meaningful activities such as playing basketball to displace anger by end of shift. 3. Goal met. Client is calm and in bed resting. POC: Client will continue to have consistent limits and expectations on behavior and will relieve anger and frustrations through communication and activities. Nursing Care Plan References: Caracoles, E.M., (2015). Manual of psychiatric care planning nursing. St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier.