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Review_Sheet_for_the_Midterm1 - Review Sheet for the...

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Review Sheet for the Mid-term Definitions and Significance Hard Power, Soft Power, Internalized power Current Account Deficit Current Account Surplus GDP, GNP Balance of Payments Official Reserves Economy of Scale Economy of Scope Pareto Optimality Market failure Externality Common Pool Monopoly – Oligopoly Market Rigidity Incomplete information Oversupply Immiseration Declining rate of Profit Absolute Gains Relative Gains Mercantilism Hechscher-Olin Stolper-Samuelson International Regime Hegemonic Stability Theory Comparative Advantage Competitive Advantage Path dependence Dumping Preemption Dual use sectors Supply effect of trade Influence effect of trade Declining terms of trade Pax Brittanica Embedded Liberalism GATT WTO TRIPs, TRIMs, GATS Dispute Settlement Understanding Adjustment, liquidity, confidence in reserve currency, lender of last resort Unit of account, Store of value, Means of exchange Mundell Fleming Laissez Faire Mania, Panic, Crash Essays Describe the liberal, realist, and structuralist approaches to international relations? In
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