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PCR (Polymerase Chain reaction) 1. Unwind DNA (denature DNA) 2. You need a primer to start a new strand of DNA and add nucleotides 3. Catalyzing the production of new DNA Strtands DNA Replication 1. Unwind DNA with Helicase 2. Primase sets down an RNA primer (Primer is a short RNA strand) 3. DNA polymerase uses primer to start adding nucleotides to make a new DNA strand 4. DNA polymerase removes primers and replaces them with DNA (little gaps). 5. Ligase glues all the pieces together
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Unformatted text preview: DNA Transcription. DNA, substrates, RNA polymerase enzyme Initiation 1 RNA polymerase binds to promoter (promoter tells polymerase which strand to red) polymerase unwinds Elongation. Polymerase reads DNA template, 2.and new nucleotides are added 3. New RNA elongates from 5’ 3’ Termionation: T-site where tRNA lands A-site where tRNA anticodon binds to the mRNA P-site where tRNA adds amino acids to polypeptide E-site where it exits leaving ribosome...
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