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Alex Stacey BUAD 304t Discussion 14725 September 17, 2007 1. The stereotype of used-car salesman probably developed from the original salesmen falsifying information and telling lies in order to sell their cars. Many people believe that a used-car salesman will lie about the car or be dishonest when explaining the attributes of a car they are attempting to sell. Some people may have been told one thing on the lot, then drove away with a car with problems that the salesman forgot to mention. These people that had bad experiences told others what happened, and the reputation of the salesmen spread through word of mouth. 2. Joe could counter this stereotype by simply backing up his statements with tangible facts. Instead of telling the customer how many miles the certain car has, he could show them the speedometer. This use of visible and reliable facts would get the customer to trust Joe and to believe his statements more readily. After supporting his statements, the customer would trust Joe and would be more
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Unformatted text preview: willing to buy from him without feeling they are being tricked or swindled. 3. This stereotype could be beneficial to Joe because he could exploit the stereotype and use it to his advantage. By recognizing the fact that people with his occupation are known as shady, he could immediately show the customer that he is actually the exact opposite. The stereotype could be beneficial to the customer because it will cause them to be more cautios and hesitant to trust the salesmen. With this cautiousness and attention to detail, the customer will be able to make a more informed and thought out decision. 4. They have made car sales less personal, and by eliminating the use of an actual human salesman, it gives the customer a sense of security that they are not being tricked. By using the Internet, the customer has all the power and they are able to buy a car without having to deal with an annoying salesman....
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