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OB essay - Alex Stacey BUAD 304 December 8 2007 How...

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Alex Stacey BUAD 304 December 8, 2007 How Organizational Behavior Relates To My Life Organizational behavior exists everywhere in an individual’s life. Organizational behavior is a common concept, which involves many different facets. I have experienced many different examples of concepts from organizational behavior in my life that can be related to the class. One of the main ideas in organizational behavior is conflict. There are many different types and forms of conflict in which people cannot agree. There is a type of conflict in which people fail to agree and are stuck in a stalemate. There is also another type of conflict that has positive consequences. Instead of failing to be able to reach a decision, this type of conflict aids both individuals in figuring out a correct solution and working through the problem. There is an instance in my life in which I experienced the second type of conflict. This type of conflict is called functional conflict. The year was 1999 and my twin brother and I happened to be in the same science class. This particular science class had a requirement that stated all members of the class needed to participate in the upcoming science fair. This science fair was fairly prestigious at our elementary school, and only the best project would even have a chance of winning. Naturally, my brother and I were assigned to the same team and we would be working together on the same project. Even though we are identical twins, we do happen to have different views on certain things, and this project was no exception. Immediately after the science fair was announced, I started brainstorming ideas in
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my head of what I could possibly do. I lived for science fairs and was determined that I would win this one. I thought that all of my ideas were so good that it would be impossible for anyone to ever challenge them or disagree with them. At the age of 10, I thought I was Einstein. Well it turns out that I was wrong.
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