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Terrell Owens - take pressure off of the other receivers...

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5/11/2009 Hunter Howard 11:00 AM T/TR Current Event Terrell Owens, a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, suffered a fracture in the fourth metacarpal of his right hand causing the doctors to insert a metal plate to speed up the healing process so Terrell could be back as soon as possible. Terrell is supposed to miss 2-4 weeks of practicing. Terrell has already shown improvement with the hand within a week. Coach Parcells is doubtful about using the receiver much right now to not strain the hand anymore then it needs to be. He wants a healthy and full recovery and not risk further damage. Owens was flexing his fingers and making a fist within a week of surgery. Owens claimed that he had jammed his hand in the first quarter against the Redskins. Later in the quarter Owens said he was not able to move his hand which allowed for him to be easily guarded. He stayed in the game even with a broken finger to
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Unformatted text preview: take pressure off of the other receivers. This article relates to class because Terrell Owens broke/fractured his right ring finger, fourth metacarpal. We are talking about the different bones in the body right now and metacarpals are a part of the bones we have to learn. I believe that Owens should try to make a full recovery just like Parcells thinks. If your paying a guy millions to play for your organization then you shouldn’t want to risk losing him for longer then you have to, especially if he is a major player to your team. As for the staying in the game with a broken finger and not being able to catch passes, I think that was pretty smart of the receiver because then it opened up spot for his teammates on the field....
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