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Howard 1 Hunter Howard Error Dram 2366 December 7, 2007 Analysis Project I chose to do my analysis project over the film “The Longest Yard” and its remake known as “The Longest Yard” also. The original motion picture was released August 30, 1974 and featured star Burt Reynolds as the main character, Paul Crewe. The remake was reproduced and released May 27, 2005 with Adam Sandler, playing the star role of Paul Crewe. I was around to see the release of the remake and actually observe this movie before I had the original. I had always seen my dad watching the original on TV, but never actually took the time to watch it just because of the look and quality. So for this project I took the time to actually watch this movie for the first as well watch the newest version of my time. I noticed a lot of difference between the two movies and a lot of things that still stayed true with the thirty one year difference between them. I would have to say the most noticeable and eye catching difference between the movies is just the quality of the film making ability. I’m sure at the time of the 1974 release it was one of its kind and people thought highly of the movie and its quality. Growing up in the age I have I come to attach the word boring or cheesy to that style. This just shows the advancement in filming technology since that time, but nonetheless I am not going to hold that against the movie, because then I would be considered a biased thought. The storey lines of both the movies were pretty close together I would have to say. There were little small detail that you catch throughout watching the two that are different you will catch. For instance in the original movie Crewe is chained to an African American named
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analysis project - Howard 1 Hunter Howard Error Dram 2366...

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