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Site Structure For Your Web Site Diagramming your site BEFORE you begin to build it will save you time. To complete the diagram you need: The file names of your pages (each page must have a full file name) What content you need to acquire (text, music, pictures) How you will link one page to another While there is no ONE way to construct your site structure, keep in mind you will want your web site easy to navigate, easy to understand, and easy to view (pleasing to the eye). Here is an example of a site structure for a basic CIS 55 web site. index.html my_bio.html class_work.html hobbies.html sports.html singing.html This is a very basic example . Notice how all of the file names are lowercase and do not have spaces. These are important things to remember when naming your files for your web site. Also, notice how you can reach all of your pages from your index page.
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Unformatted text preview: Some are reachable in one step (click) like my_bio, class_work, and hobbies. Some take a couple of clicks (sports and singing). It is possible to have every page linked directly to the index page, but this may not be what you need or want. Just take some time to figure out what you want on your web page and diagram it out before you begin building your site. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THIS DIAGRAM BY YOUR SIDE when you start building your site in Dreamweaver. Finally, next to each bubble you could jot down the items needed before you start building your web page. List any pictures you want to obtain, type up text files in Word, or download music files to insert on your pages. Do as much as possible on these two steps and you will rid yourself of many long nights of frustration and headaches! Good luck!...
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