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Criminal Justice Current Events Philadelphia Inquirer: Expanding the Scope of Responsibility The Philadelphia Inquirer's editors opined in the August 7 edition of the paper that New Jersey prosecutors should proceed cautiously in charging college officials for criminal conduct for their role in the death of one of their students. At Rider University, an 18 year old freshman died after consuming extreme amounts of alcohol during a fraternity party. The Mercer County Prosecutor convened a grand jury that returned an indictment against the students and school administrators for violating state anti-hazing laws. These laws prohibit "knowingly or recklessly organized, promoted, facilitated or engaged in conduct" that results in injury. This is the first time that a local prosecutor has
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Unformatted text preview: used the law in an effort to hold college officials accountable for binge drinking consumption by their students. This article is relevant to our class as it demonstrates the reach and power of the grand jury. Clearly, the discretion of the prosecutor is broad as he/she can orchestrate the presentation of a case to expand the reach of laws. I agree with the editors that this approach is dramatic and will probably result in greater restrictions on campus. It also unfairly charges these officials who have nothing to do with whatever occurs on a college campus. Students of this age are given the freedom they deserve being the age they are, and it is unfortunate to see yet another student take his freedom at college for granted, and lose their life because of it....
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