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Search Engines - Project 1 Search Engines When you cut your...

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Project 1: Search Engines 7/19/07 When you cut your finger, you go for a Band-Aid…when you need to photocopy something; you go and “Xerox” it….and when you want to search for something on the Internet, you GOOGLE! It’s no surprise that Merriam-Webster has added Google to the dictionary—Google as a company has taken the old concept of searching the internet and turned it into one of the most profitable companies in the world. But, what makes Google so great? Why do people “Google” and not “Yahoo?” To understand why, we have to start with the worst, and work to the best. AOL has always bothered me. Ever since AOL offered the “Internet” back when I started, with version 3.0, there has always been something about AOL that irked me. Maybe it was the fact that they allotted a certain amount of minutes per month. Maybe it was the fact that the connection you thought you had to the Internet was not real. But for some reason 30 Million Americans (at one point) had subscribed to AOL. But, how well does AOL’s search engine work? AOL search is essentially Google with more fancy pictures, paying services, advertisements, less free amenities, and more distractions…ergo potentially less speed for those with slower connections. For these mentioned reasons, AOL ranks the lowest on my chart. My mother was overwhelmed with eclectic mix of icons—and was distracted from attempting to make a search on the Internet. However, I digress —the search results from AOL were impeccable—because they use Google. If you are an AOL user, and are stuck with the mail, calendar, and junky software, the AOL homepage might be fine. But I would not recommend it. MSN, the next biggest loser in our lineup has essentially the exact same layout as AOL, but has terrible searching results. In part, this is because of Microsoft’s new “Live” algorithm, which does not return relevant results at all. In fact, in the search that I did on all four search engines “Dr. Frank Friedman Temple” with out any quotes had absolutely no relevant results on MSN’s first page, and in fact, there were no good hits 3 pages deep. However, with some
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Project 1: Search Engines 7/19/07 “intelligent” searching, using quotations, very good results are certainly possible. However my mom doesn’t have any idea how to use quotations, so this search
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Search Engines - Project 1 Search Engines When you cut your...

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