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401 Experience Paper

401 Experience Paper - Mike Morlock Comm 401 Lived...

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Mike Morlock Comm 401 Lived Experience of Playing the Nintendo Wii Playing the Nintendo Wii, a revolutionary video game system, requires a full body experience that is not like any other video game experience seen before. In order to move my character on the screen, I must make simple movements with the controller in my hand. To throw a football, I must make a throwing motion. To catch a ball, a quick thrust upwards with my arms gets the job done. In its essence, the Nintendo Wii is new media because it follows the five principles of new media elements as described by Lev Manovich. According to Manovich’s first principle of numerical representation, new media must be programmable. The Nintendo Wii fits this description as programmers make new games for the system. The second principle, which deals with modularity, holds true for the Wii. Everything on the Wii can be accessed on its own without any other programs or objects, thus containing its own modular structure. Automation is also seen on the many games that can be played on the Wii. The AI of the games make their own decisions without any human manipulation. The Wii also fits the description of variability, as programmers customize games and Nintendo makes new updates for the system in general. The transcoding element of new media also is seen through the Wii, as old games from past consoles are remade and can be played again on the Wii. Thus, the old games are reformatted to fit the Wii’s structure. Furthermore, the experience of using the Nintendo Wii is one of existentiality that allows for a complete full body experience. As I play my Wii, my body is involved with the actions of the characters on my screen. Playing bowling, my body felt like I was actually playing a real bowling game. I had to make the same motions I would in real life and after a good amount of time playing, my arm and shoulder started to hurt, just like it would after playing a long time in
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real life.
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401 Experience Paper - Mike Morlock Comm 401 Lived...

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