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Unformatted text preview: 9/6/07 Mike Morlock Williams, Robin (2003). The Mac is Not a Typewriter . After reading The Mac is Not a Typewriter , by Robin Williams, one can learn many things about typical word processors that are “hidden” within the program. The book is filled with valuable information about Mac’s and their accompanying word processing programs in order to generate and produce professional-level type. The book is easy to read and it follows a simple system that makes it easy to learn and practice all the topics covered by Williams. Overall, there are many sections of the book that stand out more then others. The following is a review on some of the more important sections of the book that stood out to me while reading. Furthermore, the section on tabs and indents details very important information that is simple, easy to learn, and also provides a professional look. The section talks excessively about the “ruler” feature found in many word processing also provides a professional look....
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