Notes11-25 - 1 International Law Nuclear Test Ban...

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Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (Entered into force: 10, Oct. 1963) P. 298 DS - In 1963 considered a major breakthrough in the midst of the Cold War. - A fear that nations would seek some advantage in the world of nuclear weaponry. They would develop them, test them, gain some advantage or greater confidence in using them. - There was a belief that one of the ways you minimize conflict in the Cold War was to limit nuclear testing. - The notion that is nations couldn’t test nuclear weapons they would not rush to develop new & more advanced technology. - The concern was the nuclear testing messed up the environment, that nuclear fallout would be blown by wind to other countries & cause contamination, would pollute the ocean. - The notion here was to restrict nuclear testing. - This treaty in 1963 was signed by the nations of the world to restrict nuclear testing capability. - You can’t test in the water, in the air, in outer space but you can test under ground. - This treaty did not stop all nuclear testing but stop the testing that would most likely to have international repercussions with fallout, radioactive clouds dust going across national boundaries which would not only be an environmental issue but would raise risk of political conflict or international dispute. The Governments of the US, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, USSR, (the only holders of technology of nuclear testing). Article 1 Each of the Partiers to this Treaty undertakes to prohibit, to prevent, & not to carry out any nuclear weapon test explosion, or any other nuclear explosion, at any place under its jurisdiction or control. a.
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Notes11-25 - 1 International Law Nuclear Test Ban...

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