Wine and your health

Wine and your health - Katie Vogt Doub November 7 2007 Wine...

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Katie Vogt Doub November 7, 2007 Wine and your health Does wine possess many of the health benefits that many will swear it does? Is it possible that wine can be more than just something that is satisfying and fun to drink? Many researchers will look to none other than the French for the answers to these questions. The French Paradox, as it has been named, is the ironic fact that the French eat large amounts of fatty foods, but have comparatively low rates of heart disease. The philosophy of this lifestyle is that “pleasure and health go hand in hand” ( Compared to other nationalities in Europe, the French eat more beef, cheese, butter and other artery-clogging food, but they also drink more wine. Researchers have speculated that “certain compounds in grapes and grape products like wine offer some kind of protection from the negative effects of the high-fat diet” ( Alcohol's health benefits chiefly favor the cardiovascular system, and are dramatically reflected in reduced risks of atherosclerotic heart attacks, ischemic strokes and limb amputations due to compromised blood supply. Scientific views on the healthful effects of wine's other compounds are not as unanimous, however, but are under increased scrutiny. We are only beginning to understand the benefits and chemistry of drinking wine. ( The benefits – plain and simple: The antioxidants in wine and grape juice favorably modulate the blood clotting that climaxes heart attacks and strokes; they help further by relaxing blood vessels and inhibiting the oxidation of LDL (the "bad") cholesterol to its dangerous form. Similar, but less-established, benefits may result from the antioxidant flavonoids found in tea and chocolate, virtually identical to those of wine. The antioxidant quercetin has been noted to inhibit the growth of cancer and leukemia cells, and to potentiate anti-cancer chemotherapy. One report has resveratrol initiating a process one might term cancer-cell suicide, but another suggests that antioxidant vitamins may do the opposite, resulting in larger brain tumors in mice. (No harm comes to cancer- free mice of this strain.) The effects on stress: Stress is the one of leading health detriments worldwide. Having a
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Wine and your health - Katie Vogt Doub November 7 2007 Wine...

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