FINAL REVIEW - REVIEW FCS 441 1 G stands for Gasoline/green...

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REVIEW FCS 441 1. G stands for? Gasoline/green 2. What operation would you use a cycle menu on>? Schools, cruises big areas etc 3. What is the worst food in America? Cheese fries from Outback 4. What is unique about Dick’s last resort menu? It is white and black; it was much cluttered, no extra white space 40% of the menu should be white 5. F stands for? Flatbreads/fresh 6. What is Dr. Ruetzler’s favorite dessert? Banana Cream pie from Emerald’s 7. What is one thing Joe Molenia did that we disagreed with in the study case? Swapped the servers 8. What is the most important thing you learned in class? The trends and how to make a menu 9. Is a banana Foster classical or traditional? It is traditional 10. What is cross selling? Cross selling is where you are trying to sell different stuff while what is at your restaurant. Example; clothes, your catering business, selling wines with the food etc. When you have an item that can be sold with other things (appetizer, a side salad with the meal) - Trying to get your product out there or curb side 11. What is a carbon footprint? Is something big, and it has traveled far 12. What does z stand for? Zations (miniature and premium things) - Making things smaller and higher quality stuff 13. What is Acomedorong? It is the back waiter, the server assistant
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14. What’s a benefit of doing reservations only? Know how to prepare for how much food, how many people, how much staff. Etc 15. What is a rechaud? It is a burner you cook on 16. What is 2 things to consider for the type print on a menu? Font and Size
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FINAL REVIEW - REVIEW FCS 441 1 G stands for Gasoline/green...

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