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Ravi Desai TUid: 909390851 5/11/2009 Page 1 of 3 Information that many students and professors would find intriguing here on campus, is to find out how many students are actually doing work or studying in the tech center. With all the newest developments and distractions the internet has to offer, Facebook Inc. has developed the ideal item to detour students from their work. Developed in 2004, Facebook is the second most popular social networking website. This observational study will draw a concise understanding between the genders of the students at the Tech Center, the sections that they choose to be situated in, and whether they’re exploring this social network during peak times. Through this observational study, it can be concluded that more than 50% of those who are found on Facebook are women and more than 50% of all students are found sitting in the back sections (red, orange, purple). The observation process was a long and tedious process. Utilizing 3 other individuals in addition to myself, each section would be observed between the hours of 11 am and 1 pm. Each section would be alternated every 30 minutes (see chart) and each day the sections were rotated according to times (see # of seats filled chart). The students were observed by walking through each section
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This note was uploaded on 05/05/2008 for the course MKTG 3511 taught by Professor Atwater during the Spring '08 term at Temple.

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mktg research paper 2 - Ravi Desai TUid 909390851 Page 1 of...

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