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Mktg 3511 research exrcs1

Mktg 3511 research exrcs1 - Ravi Desai TUid 909390851...

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Ravi Desai TUid: 909390851 Industrial Chemicals Industrial chemicals belong to an industry that is impacted by current U.S. laws, the current state of the environment, and global competition. This will become evident through several points addressed in this report. With the current state of the U.S and its addiction to energy consumption and polluting of the environment, the industry is subject to many government regulations and an evil eye is cast upon this industry by the population. Because of these factors, the chemical industry in the U.S. will, in time, be overtaken by growing global economies. This report will examine the major industry competitors by identifying major companies and their output as a whole, growth, and the impact of global markets. The major industry products will be analyzed along with the demand for these products and forecasting of the global market. Primary industry inputs will be observed, followed by a brief look at the impact of labor unions in the industry. The report will observe ownership trends by assessing the industry’s assets. An analysis of the current state and impact of technology will be explored, and finally, an examination of Governmental regulation will conclude the report. Major Industry Competitors : Dow, BASF, INEOS, SABIC, Shell, Mitsubishi, DuPont, ExxonMobil, and Bayer make up the largest portion of the industry. Presently, the U.S. is comprised of 170 major chemical companies and chemical output is nearly $400 billion a year. For the last fifty years, the global chemical industry has experienced rapid growth and is continuing to undergo strong profitability. Currently, the chemical industry has been shared among three regions known as the Triad, which include Western Europe, North America, and Japan. Europe happens to be the largest producer and is followed by the U.S., then Japan. Price, environmental
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Ravi Desai TUid: 909390851 Industrial Chemicals anxiety, cost of energy, economic growth, and labor costs are all variables that have been attributed to the slow decline of the three regions’ supremacy. According to entrepreneur.com, the altering configuration of the global chemical industry is due to the growth in China, India, the Middle East, Korea, South East Asia, Nigeria, Trinidad,
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Mktg 3511 research exrcs1 - Ravi Desai TUid 909390851...

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