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Hobbes Post The section I found most interesting in Hobbes Leviathan comes in chapters 10- 11. It is here Hobbes introduces his theory on manners and how they come to be. Hobbes believes manners derive from the interactions and balance between power and fear. Hobbes saw human beings as machines that continually seek their own self-interest, avoiding pain and acting according to the laws of nature and philosophy. According to Hobbes it is fear and hope that all humans posses and drive them to peruse power and pleasure. Hobbes continues to describe fear as being rooted to human ignorance and also the mechanism used by humans to create artificial crutches, such as religion, customs, traditions, etc… Hobbes also includes the commonwealth in his theory of motion and collision, saying that even societies operate under the same laws governing man. Hobbes theories of manners and human nature are questionable. He tries to discredit scientific and philosophical experiments by saying no controlled environment can actually be
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