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ENG 255 proposal

ENG 255 proposal - economically as well as socially are...

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Steve Hess April 30, 2008 ENG 255 Research Proposal With hundreds of forms of folklore and multiple time periods to pull from I felt it would be interesting to look at time itself. Time has existed…well since the beginning of time, although time hasn’t always been viewed or calculated the same way. Although time itself is not a form folklore there are aspects of it that are. The area I will researching is daylight savings time. This folklore ritual, though popularized and observed by the United States since the early 1900’s has been in existence since Roman times. Daylight savings time (DST) is a ritual our country has adopted and many American’s don’t even know why or what its purpose is. In my paper I will try to shed light on what DST is and its purpose in America. Daylight savings time is important to look at because its effects on American both
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Unformatted text preview: economically as well as socially are evident. A top of this is the history behind DST and its possible deeper implications. I have chosen this folklore topic because not only does DST affect me (having to wake up an hr. early) but it affects every human in America. Unlike fads or television that influence a select few, DST affects all and this alone is what drew me towards it. Upon further investigation I will be looking at DST affects on American’s both economically and socially. Research on this topic is endless and I should have no trouble finding any history, myths, or opinions on the subject. I will be questioning the origins of DST and if it is a necessary ritual to follow. I am excited to delve deeper into this phenomenon and hope you are ready to join!...
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ENG 255 proposal - economically as well as socially are...

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