29- 47 - Philosophers Rule --The discussion of socrates...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Cave Simile -- Then our job as lawgivers is to compel the best minds to attain what we have called the highest form of knowledge, and to ascend to the vision of the good as we have described, and when they have achieved this and see well enough, prevent them behaving as they are now allowed to. ^ Remaining in the upper world, and refusing to return again to the prisoners in the cave below and share their labours and rewards, whether trivial or serious the only men to get power should be those who do not love it, those who are educated and when the philosophers who have been brought up in the above land of education and higher thinking and all that is just and good go down into normal society will wait for their ''eyes'' to adjust they will see 1000 times better than the normal people around them.
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Unformatted text preview: Philosophers Rule --The discussion of socrates with someone in a position of power about how philosopher kings must begin taking the throne, or the kings must become philosophers Types of Political Constitution --Monarchy aiming at the common interest - kingship rule of more than one man but only a few aristocracy - so called either because the best men rule or because it aims at what is best for the state and all its members Political control exercised by the mass of the populace in the common interest - polity from kingship from aristocracy from polity none of the three aims to be profit of the common interest Sheet1 Page 2 tyranny - for the monarch oligarchy - for the men of means democracy - for the men without means...
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29- 47 - Philosophers Rule --The discussion of socrates...

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